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2 Easy Ways to Get into a Regular Meditation Practice Without 'Actually' Meditating

Person siting in the mountains meditating at sunset - with blog title

How many times have you promised yourself you will start mediating?

How many times have you read an article about mediating and told yourself it’s never as easy as they say it is?

How often have you wished you had a way of slowing down your racing mind?


How often do you wish you could just take some time out?

I am pretty sure most of us can relate to at least one of these, if not more, I know they have all been true for me at one time or another and sometimes all at the same time.

The thought of meditating can conjure up images of people sitting very still in the lotus position looking very peaceful and tranquil.

Though just trying to get into that position can be challenging to say the least, then there is the focusing on our breathing whilst trying to maintain our posture… it all seems like hard work to a beginner.

So, I looked for different ways to meditate without “meditating”.

It turns out there is no right way or wrong way to meditate, there are traditional ways, but any way is a good way. Just find the one that suits you and you’ll be meditating on a regular basis before you know it!

Whatever way suits you make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. No tight waistbands, bras, wristbands, ankle cuffs etc. if your clothes are uncomfortable, this is what you will end up concentrating on and concentrating on something negative such as being uncomfortable does not a positive experience make.

Here are two of my favourites for you to try:

Walking Mindfulness Meditation

I love this one! I do it regularly, I often stop on the way home from work and have a 15 – 20 minute mindfulness walk along the coast or in the park.

Woman walking along the beach with quote below added

'It does good to take walks out of doors, that our spirits may be raised and refreshed by the open air and fresh breeze.' - Seneca

To do this - it’s so simple and easy to do, you simply go for a walk then once you are on your way notice things around you using all your senses.

Start with what you can see, maybe there are:

· Trees - take in their shape, size and colours

· Flowers – are they in full bloom? Look at the different shades of colour and shapes of the petals

· Clouds in the sky, are they wispy or do they look like billowing cotton-candy?

· Cars – colours, sizes, makes and models

· Buildings – sizes, colours, shapes, designs

Take it all in as you walk

Now add things you can hear:

· Birds chirping or crowing

· Children laughing

· Traffic whizzing by

· Dogs barking

· Trains in the distance

· Voices

· The wind whistling through the trees

· Your footsteps

Take it all in as you walk

Now add things you can smell:

· Freshly cut grass

· A dampness after the rain

· Fresh and clean air

· The BBQ cooking down the road

Take it all in as you walk

Now add things you can feel:

· The sun on your skin

· The breeze through your hair

· The light drizzle of soft, fine rain

· Your feet making contact with the path, grass sand beneath them

Take it all in as you walk

As you focus your attention on all the things around you, using as many of your senses as you can, you are keeping yourself right in the present moment.

This frees us from stressing about things that have already happened and cannot change and from worrying or planning things that may or may not happen in the future.

Whenever I do this I can not only feel my mind relaxing but my body too, I (like many others) hold most of my tension in my shoulders. I can physically feel them begin to relax as I spend my time focusing on the here and now.

And don’t forget that by being outside in the sun you are also naturally topping up your vitamin D.

Shower Meditation

This is great for after work or at the end of the day.

Close up of womans face in the shower with water gently washing over her - with quote below added

'Meditation is nothing but taking a mental shower.' - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Before you jump into the shower, grab your favourite bodywash that makes you feel good, relaxed.

Make sure you have clean, dry fluffy towels at the ready.

Get your water to the optimum temperature and in you get.

Now as you start to wash your hair and your skin, visualise your troubles, your stresses, your anxieties, your tensions, your worries, your negative thoughts are all being washed away.

Let the bubbles collect all of your troubles, and the warm water wash them both away, leaving your body and your mind cleaner, lighter and ready to relax and enjoy the evening / get a good nights rest.

The shower one is so simple and easy to do. I highly recommend it!

Woman in the shower covered in bubbles - with quotes below added

'Let the bubbles collect all of your troubled, and the warm water wash them both away.' - Lisa Edwards

Other easy ways to give yourself some time out without putting too much pressure on yourself:

· Lay on the grass and watch the clouds drift across the sky for 10 minutes.

· Watch and listen to the rhythm of the waves at the beach.

· Sit in the park, watch the ducks do their thing, swimming, waddling etc.

Any one (calm) thing that you calm focus your attention on is a form of mindfulness meditation.

· Play with your pets, have a cuddle with them, watch them play.

· A mindfulness activity such as colouring in or painting can have a similar effect.

Meditation is so good for your mind and body it’s well worth taking the time to try different types of meditation until you find one that works for you.


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