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Three Little Things to Do Each Day That Will Change Your Life!

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My self-care routine was not what it needed to be, I knew what I should do, what I wanted to do, although I found that doing it was a whole different matter. Trying to make too many changes in too many areas all at once was so overwhelming that I kept giving up on the whole thing.

So, I asked myself what I really needed to do each day to help me get into a self-care mindset, to really help get me to be the me I wanted to be. I wrote a list and found it easy to follow, fun to do and I have been doing it ever since. This is what I came up with…

Just three small things I must do each day to change my life for the better:

1. Do something I love to do.

This one is such a simple selfcare thing that we often overlook because we feel that we don’t have time or that it’s selfish to do things for ourselves. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of our day and/or caring for others that we forget to do things just because we love to do them, because we enjoy them. Things that make us naturally mindful. Things that automatically bring a smile to our faces. A walk on the beach or in the park, a coffee in the city with a little bit of people watching, a yoga session, meditation, pop your favourite song on and dance around the living room, cook your favourite dinner, bake a cake, feed the birds, or the ducks in the park. Anything that you enjoy doing and makes you lose track of time.

2. Do something I have to do.

If you are anything like me, you too have a mental ‘too hard basket’. Things that you keep putting off doing, because you either don’t want to do, you don’t know how to do them, or you are just too nervous and it going to be scary. So, procrastinating seems the best option. But what it’s really doing is causing unnecessary stress, because it’s always there in the back of your mind that you have to, at some point, actually do it. So, I wanted this to be part of my self-care routine, to take the weight of what needs to be done off my shoulders. Pay the bill, make the phone call, fix the vase, clean up the inbox, open the email, apply for that job, post that blog, you get the idea.

3. Do something I have never done before.

Our comfort zones are terrible for keeping us from trying new things and going to new places. Doing something new each day may sound impossible, but when you think about it, it is not that hard at all. We are such creatures of habit most of us even park our cars in or around the same spot at work, or the supermarket, shopping mall etc. mix it up, park in a different section… try a different place to eat, or order something different off the menu, put a different filling in your sandwich, or don’t have a sandwich have a roll instead. Take a different route to work, wear a different colour nail polish, wear dangly earrings instead of your usual studs. Go to a different supermarket, try a different brand of pasta, have wedges instead of chips, or a jacket potato. Try aioli in place of mayonnaise, tea instead of coffee, mocha instead of latte, start wearing different colours, sit in a different seat to watch TV, try a new type of exercise… the possibilities are endless. It could be a huge change or a tiny one, but every time we get out of our comfort zone, we grow a little, we exercise our courage muscle, and we gain confidence and it make us want to try more new stuff!

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Try adding these three things to each day and enjoy the difference they make to your day, your week, your month, and eventually your year. Do these things every day for a year and you won’t be the same person; life will become more enjoyable, less of a chore, and the possibilities will be endless.

Let me know which one you are most excited about adding to your day!

I hope you enjoyed reading Three Little Things to Do Each Day That Will Change Your Life!

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